Pharaoh Loosey
Pharaoh Loosey In 2008, a mutual lucid dream about levitation birthed a musical union called Pharaoh Loosey. Since 2009, Pharaoh Loosey has been cultivating a truly unique blend of space core funk; opening ears with their off kilter, thought provoking approach to improvisation. Quickly rising through the Midwest scene, they have worked with artists as diverse as Orgone, The Bridge, The Ragbirds and Papadosio. With a full length vinyl and tour upcoming this winter, the band is poised for a breakout year.

"Grant Kilgard (Keyboards), Eric Osmanoglu (Bass), and Wayne Kilgard (Drums) spin together a sound that combines Experimental, Funk, and Improvisation into music that is both unique and captivating. You have got to check these guys out" -Jimmy Cummings, Buckeye Music Magazine

"Like taking a musical journey through space and time" -Jimmy Cummings, Buckeye Music Magazine