Domino Effect
Domino Effect DOMINO EFFECT is a multi-faceted reggae, dub and funk infused quintet. They have introduced a fresh approach to the dub roots vibe, one that freely interchanges with a more progressive, experimental sound. The band continues to explore uncharted territory in their compositions and improvisations due to a unique blend of diverse musicians. Hailing from Savannah, GA, Domino Effect has been at work since early 2007, when drummer Ben Lewis met singer and guitarist Josh Wade at a local coffee shop. They soon teamed up with original bassist Carlos Arzayus and the trio got right to work. With the addition of guitarist John Patton in early 2008, the band found new direction that stemmed from the influences he brought to the mix. After the addition of Keyboardist/Saxophonist Michael LaBombard in late 2008, the ingredients were in place and the band found their unique style. In early 2009, Arzayus left the group in order to concentrate on his professional career. Several months later, the band's current lineup was completed when bassist Brendan Robertson joined the family. Robertson brings a variety of skill and talent to the group both musically and professionally. DE has enjoyed playing at many of the premier venues the Southeast has to offer. They have shared the stage with many nationally touring acts such as Passafire, The Movement and Trevor Hall. The band was voted Best Funk/Soul/ R & B band by the 2009 Connect Savannah Reader’s poll, and look forward to reaching new heights in the future. They continue to discover new ground with each high energy performance by pushing themselves and each other, working together as an intense vehicle. Domino Effect is devoted to making a change in the music scene through good works and positively charged groove-juice folks can dance to.