Colin Gawel and the Lonely Bones
Colin Gawel and the Lonely Bones I wrote my first song on the back of a paper route collection book in 6th grade. The next morning on the school playground, I convinced my pal Joe Oestreich that we should start a cool band like Cheap Trick or the Kinks. Watershed was born at that moment under the monkey bars and went on to do damn near every single thing a rock n roll band can do. Current life: with Watershed on hiatus following our 2008 appearance at SXSW, I have gotten deadly serious about releasing my long awaited debut solo CD and have been recording with Mike Landolt (O.A.R./ Maroon 5/ see friend below) at the Curry house in Columbus,OH. I am very excited about the new collection of songs and guardedly optimistic about what the future holds. At the very least, it will be interesting. When I am not working on music I own a small coffee shop with the rather clever name of "Colin's Coffee" in Upper Arlington, OH. I am married and have a 5 year old son named Owen who also likes to rock. (along with dinosaurs, baseball and super-heroes) My band with Owen sounds like an extremely out of tune AC/DC and our name rotates between "The Rancors" and "Tick, Tick Boom".