Beam&Deem If Beam&Deem were a perfume, and we were inclined to give you the recipe, it'd be broken down like this: 3 parts Electronica, 2 parts Trip-hop, 1 1/2 parts downtempo, a drop of dubstep, a hint of house, and ladle of electro. The fusion of those essences is then bolstered by a fixative of relentless experimentation and curiosity, and later mixed inside of two Apples.

Beam&Deem, consisting of Zach Catarelli and Chris Coffey, is a fresh and innovative act that creates a multi-sensory experience, catapulting the listener into a soundscape where classical elements create a welcoming familiarity, but where the air is also tinged with unexpectedness. In an era where the evolution of music involves merging mind with technology, Beam&Deem offers a breath of life into the machine, generating a unique sound that will shake both your mind and your behind.