Soulshine- Macon, GA
Soulshine- Macon, GA Soulshine, Macon Georgia's Allman Brothers Tribute Band, was the brainchild of local music guru Stan Killingsworth. The idea was simple. Recruit some of Middle Georgia's finest to recreate the awe and majesty of Middle Georgia's greatest band. After giving a weekly review in 2009, Soulshine received praise from the public and critics alike. Soulshine performs all of the first four Allman Brothers albums, including The Allman Brothers, Live from Idlewild South, Eat a Peach, Live from Fillmore East, as well as selections from Brothers and Sisters, and more recent Allman Brothers hits. With blistering guitar solos, a tight rhythm section, and a textured sound, Soulshine's goal is to give people a glimpse into the raw power that is the live Allman Brother's experience.