The True Jacqueline
The True Jacqueline Called by one of "7 Undiscovered Rock Bands Worth A Listen," The True Jacqueline is an indie pop band firmly influenced by reggae, classic rock, and experimental music. The group features Noah Stevralia on guitar and vocals, Zach Farrell on keyboards and vocals, Kate Niemczyk on bass and vocals, and Andrew Huffman on drums. Jacqueline offers musical twists with time changes, simulated dub breakdowns, and unusual arrangements. Catchy pop hooks and charming vocal harmonies sweeten the mix.

The group was formed in 2007 by Stevralia and Farrell in Northampton, Mass. where it is still based. Shortly after coming together the band recorded a short EP entitled Major-minor-okay! It immediately caught the attention of indie critic Jennifer Kelly of PopMatters who called the EP "really kind of fun, especially 'The Wizard' and 'Instead.'"

It was the song "Instead" – now "It's The Water" – that caught the attention of and WFNX Boston whose review and exposure has people listening throughout New England.

Matthew Dube of The Valley Advocate said about them that "their exuberance and freshness have endeared them to those who have checked out their live shows" and their appeal has allowed The True Jacqueline to play with top acts such as Bishop Allen, The Wandas, The Dig, and Golden Bloom.

The True Jacqueline is currently recording a new album produced by the band and Kevin Gebo (producer: Bunny's A Swine, White Problems). The album is scheduled for release later this year. The record features a carefully crafted combination of charming melodies, unconventional musical detours, and an aura of joyful complexity which is sure to fascinate audiences of all kinds.