Truck North
Truck North Hailing from Philadelphia PA, Truck North, is destined to make his mark on the hip hop community. For the last seven years Truck North has been apart of some amazing musical projects. Being a protégé and frequent collaborator of the legendary, Grammy Award Winning Roots Crew is among many of his notable accomplishments. Working so closely with The Roots has provided an avenue for Truck North to engage in some amazing opportunities. These various opportunities include but are not limited to: ,Signed to Black Ink/Raw Life and Watchdog Productions ,.ESPN NBA 2K5 (Title song on video game and soundtrack) ,Okayplayer presents: True Notes Vol. 1 ,The Roots Presents: A Sonic Event (MTV broadcast and soundtrack) ,Dave Chappelle – Block Party (feature length film and soundtrack) ,.The Roots - The Tipping Point ,.BET's Rap City (Summer 2004 and 2006) ,Spike TV – Midnight Spike ,Smirnoff Movement Studios ,Performed in the first Hip-Hop show at the Kimmel Center ; benefit for Hurricane Katrina, ,Performed at Radio City Music Hall May 2006 ,Performed at a one-year anniversary benefit for Katrina victims; ,Okayplayer Winter Break Tour 2002 ,.Okayplayer Summer Break Tour 2004 ,.Kool Cigarettes Tour Summer 2006 ,.Game Theory Tour Summer 2006 ,Yaris vs. Yaris Radio Commercial Campaign ,Yaris vs. Yaris Tour June 2007 Truck north has appeared on both The Tipping Point and Game Theory Album. In addition, his own mix tape album Northern Exposure is due to be released soon as well as a compilation mix tape album entitled The Antidote which features the legendary Dice Raw, Black Thought, and others. Truck North is on a path to being one of hip hops greatest. His sound is unique and he is paving the way for the resurrection of hip hop. Not just a rapper but a lyrical genius, a poet even; this is Truck North.