Priceless the Kid
Priceless the Kid Priceless The Kid is probably not what you think hip-hop has always looked like, sounded like or aspired to be. Then again, hip-hop's status quo was never the point here. How often does Outkast's other-worldliness mash up with the real talk and story telling of classic East Coast rap? How many rappers are at home with a rock band providing the soundtrack? With meteoric rise to Atlanta's hip-hop main stage, the young artist is taking the challenge on with a steady grind. With or without the establishment's approval, Priceless is down for something different. He bends and blurs genres for fun and lives to lure in new listeners just to surpass their expectations. Priceless owns that rare sweet spot where hip-hop's last uncharted waters are only beginning to hit crowds. His innovative concepts, easy deliveries and fresh production make him hard to deny. Priceless the Kid's multidimensional persona is just what hip-hop's future should look like.