Pyrite Parachute
Pyrite Parachute Py-rite (noun) - from the Greek (purites), "of fire". Producing a fiery blend of blues-influenced, groove-driven, progressive rock with a touch of southern spice. Take one part Allman Brothers, one part Widespread Panic and a pinch of The Grateful Dead, stir until worked-up into a lather and chill.

Pyrite Parachute was formed in the summer of 2007 by three co-workers looking for a creative change of pace. With diverse musical backgrounds in classical, country, rock and jazz the band initially struggled to find its identity. In rehearsal, the band began focusing less on the "usual stuff" and focusing more on improvisational jam, old-school progressive rock and southern blues.

We believe in "jamming with a purpose", not self-indulgent aimlessness. We've developed a musical roadmap and we know where we are going. This allows us to cover some popular classics as well as develop original material influenced by artists such as The Allman Brothers, North Mississippi All-Stars, Dave Matthews, Traffic, Phish, Widespread Panic and The Grateful Dead.

Having spent the last year performing in and around Birmingham, AL; including Birmingham's historic Southside, audience response tells us that we're on to something here. We've developed a diverse following of old-school classic progressive rock fans who grew up listening to Traffic on vinyl, and the college kids who dig Widespread Panic and the current jam scene on satellite radio.