Electric Piquete
Electric Piquete The Latin / funk / fusion group Electric Piquete was founded by long-time friends Ed Rosado on drums and bassist Michael Mut in the summer of 2007 as a way to get a spot at the yearly Hialeah Fest held at Miami’s Churchill's Pub. What originally started as a reunion for Ed's previous band Rezidue instead turned into a brand-new project. The two principals continued to compose and rehearse together and eventually added guitarist Chris Core, saxophonist Ozzy Reyes, trumpet player Rich Dixon and trombonist John Normandin. In the relatively short time the group has been together, it has managed to forge a sound unique in these parts; the Latin is a given, considering the largely Hispanic backgrounds of most members. What is distinctive is the blend of funk with jazz / fusion and rock. The group lists Return to Forever, Weather Report, Thelonious Monk and the Fania All-Stars among other music influences on its myspace.com page.

The sextet now writes together and occasionally features other local musicians. Electric Piquete is in the process of finalizing their three-song demo and has played the Red Bar Gallery, Tobacco Road, Lakes Cafe, Carnaval on the Mile, Jazid, Cuba Nostalgia, Big Fish, Bougainvillea's, live on 88.9 FM / WDNA's Sound Theory program, Finnegans River, Dolphin Mall and two private parties in 2009. Recently, Electric Piquete was named "Best Latin Band" in the Miami New Times' Best of 2009 issue (June 11, 2009).