Kristoff Krane
Kristoff Krane Kristoff Krane’s distinctive blend of message-driven lyrics, delivered over organic composition and carefully sampled beats, demands attention. A natural born teacher and poet, Krane’s lyrics connect our similarities rather than pointing out our differences, “… an artist finding resolve through expression”. Whether rapping over a beat, singing over a piano, or creating a song, live, through a loop-pedal with his audience, Krane has branded his performance as an experience bound to resonate with something deeper than our ego desires. The fusion of these elements gives Krane’s music an edge and musical appeal that continues to expand his fan base at a staggering rate. This is conscious hip hop at its finest.

Krane originally began honing his craft as a vocal portraitist in Abzorbr. Later a more established Krane became a co-contributor in two prominent Minneapolis hip hop groups, Rhymesayer’s Face Candy (Eyedea’s all free-jazz-rap group) and Saturday Morning Soundtrack (Ecid, Impulse,and Capaciti); these unlikely parings gave Krane both the experience and credibility needed to branch off, embarking on his own solo project.

With his solo release, "This Will Work for Now", released on Septemer, 19th, 2008 (Featuring fellow artists, Eyedea, Carnage and Crescent Moon) Krane holds his ground on the stage of underground hip-hop, proving his musicianship and readiness to take his listener to the next level.

Krane has not only had an influence on the local hip-hop scene, he has impacted the community; known for his work with youth in schools, and recently published book, “The Other,” Krane has made it quite clear that he has a vision and that in no way will he fall short of it. Krane toured as a part of Rhymesayers’ Face Candy in Summer 2005 and was asked by Eyedea and Abilities to join them for a national tour during the Winter of 2007. Krane recently was nominated as one of the select acts to play in Soundset 09, a festival thrown by RhymeSayers Ent., which over 13,000 people attended. Krane has Shared the stage with acts such as, Atmosphere, Pharcyde, MF Doom, Safe Francis, Buck 65, Prince Paul, Aceyalone, Myka NIne, El-P, Heiruspecs, Brother Ali, 2-Mex, Cage, Living Legends, Tech N9ne, B-real of cypress hill, Dialated Peoples, Aesop Rock, Blue Print, I Self Divine and POS. When I asked him what his plans were for the future, he replied, “…that’s easy, to be effective at connecting with you right now.”