Tanya Stephens
Tanya Stephens Hey everybody! I'm finally ready with the album "Infallible" and will be hitting the road shortly, introducing it to you. DJ's mail to tanya_stephens73@yahoo.com and submit your information. Put 'DJ' as your subject. Even if you sent me stuff before still do so again, it's a lot of stuff to sift through. I will send you mp3's of songs as well as jingles. If you do not get them right away please be patient, I'm still working on cloning myself but it's slow going!  Promoters interested in hosting release parties or getting promo dates which will run until the end of January 2010 please mail to tarantularecords@msn.com for a list of available dates to your area. Like I promised, the album will be available FREE OF COST, no compromise on quality. Reporters interested in having advance copies or online/phone interviews mail your requests and info to tanya_stephens73@yahoo.com I've heard all the requests, and I feel honored to have the kind of love and support you guys give to me so I took my time and made sure the album is worth it! Nuff Luv! Yuh gal, Tanya S.