Whole Lotta Led
Whole Lotta Led Whole Lotta Led are considered to be one of thee greatest tributes to Led Zeppelin around are playing 2 ½ hour sets and around 120 concerts to some 50,000 plus Led Zep fans across the British Isles each year.

Including all the classics "Stairway to Heaven" "Whole Lotta Love" and the majestic acoustics Whole Lotta Led cover the whole range of Zeppelin

Their enthusiasm on stage is unequalled, with a stage presence full of magnetism and energy that all audiences feel and share. They are all exceptional musicians in their own field and without realising it create much the same flair and magic that still holds Led Zeppelin as one of thee largest and most influential bands the world has ever seen. New generations are getting involved in the Zeppelin experience, audiences at Whole Lotta Led gigs span four generations from six to sixty and for most it is the first opportunity of seeing Zeppelin’s music performed live.

It’s been many years now since Zeppelin split up, tributes keep the music alive but when Whole Lotta Led recreate a Zeppelin concert they keep the music fresh. Uniquely for a tribute band they don’t have the pretence of trying to look like former members of Zeppelin, their integrity and musicianship comes through in the passion for the music they play. Jimmy Page met them and gave his blessing to what they are achieving. If you get the opportunity to see them live you’ll see what we mean.

The band also raises funds for The ABC Trust, a charity founded by Jimmy Page's wife to help under privileged children in Brazil. She keeps in touch with the band and informs Jimmy of there progress.