Tristan Clopet
Tristan Clopet Throw Jeff Buckley, Graham Coxon and Anthony Kiedis in a room together, ask them not to come out until they'd written a great song and you'll arrive at Tristan Clopet.

The Toronto-born Clopet started his musical career at a young age playing gigs in New York. A summer at Berklee College of Music in Boston convinced him that music was the only thing he ever wanted to do with his life, but not before having a Plan B. He enrolled at the University of Miami and despite making the dean's list at one of America's best private universities, Tristan took a big leap of faith and made music his full time gig. "Why put my life on hold? Why do anything else if this is what I love to do and I think I can make a living at it too?"

"Duende" was Tristan's debut EP where he successfully explored love, addiction and redemption. In the summer of 2009 he showcased Duende on a eleven-city tour, appearing on the CBS Morning Show and the Florida Grammys.

This was followed by the significant launch of "Purple" his second EP in early January 2010, a third nine-city tour, and the continuation of his popular "Living Room Sessions" series where Tristan records a cover of his favorite songs and posts them on YouTube.

Having opened for Sony platinum recording artist Sandi Thom, Grammy-Award winners, Inner Circle and most recently Academy-Award winners, The Swell Season, Tristan continues to be in demand and make headway as a performing artist.

Now with his debut LP, 'Name It What You Want,' (out May 31st 2011), Tristan took advantage of offers from seasoned record producers, Raymond Richards (Local Natives) and Justin Gerrish (Vampire Weekend). Together they created a ten-song, tour-de-force of clever songwriting, lush harmonies and dance rhythms. The first single, 'A Chat with my Brain,' ( deals with the paradox of separating oneself from the mind that embodies it. If the early praise ("One of the best Indie Pop Songs You'll Hear All Year - is any indication of the entire album, there's very little debate that 'Name It...' will be Tristan's best work to date.

But contrary to most rising stars in the music business, world domination isn’t on the docket. "Honestly, I'm so grateful to be going back on the road and just playing the best I can. I live my life on the principal of trying to make each day a little better than the last and the creative belief that my best work is yet to come. If I can get in front of fans, show them what I'm about and get an enthusiastic audience reaction, then that's all I could really ask for."