Simplicity Simplicity: the marksmen of the muse, the syncopated stronghold of harmonious halcyons, the lubricators of . . . well, alright, enough.

Simplicity, the latest offspring of the Motor City's metropolitan turnstile of hip, soulful sounds and cultural shock waves, play an amalgam of rootsy americana rock, echo space soul, and earnest neo-standards. Simplicity has once again proven that pollution, crime, and high unemployment rates aren't the only things spewing from the orifices of Detroit, MI.

Survivors of the same all-boys Catholic high school, Simplicity came together in 2001 with a common desire to escape the inevitable boredom and emptiness of traditional career paths. It became apparent early on that this strange mix of Yzermanesque leadership (Brian Sheehan), blue-collar work ethic (Peter Avigne), quiet confidence (Francis Jaramillo) and stoic reliability (Franklin Jaramillo), along with an exceptional songwriting talent and prodigious instrumental ability, would transform Simplicity into more than just another local rock band.

Having toured extensively in the northeast, midwest, and throughout Colorado, Simplicity continues to expand their vast sound panacea. Receiving acclaim and recognition throughout their existence, Simplicity stands at the door of TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION (or something of the sort).