Sol Rising
Sol Rising Sol Rising is a collective musical experience dedicated to the preservation of traditional American roots music, while simultaneously expanding musical horizons through songwriting, improvisation and a constant exploration of mind, body and sol.

Ned Patchett - electric guitar, vocals

Ned squeezes pure emotion out of every note he plays. His ability to effortlessly create fresh melodic directions and uncanny ability play off Dave's bass lines within the improvisational soundscape are the backbone of Sol Rising's live musical experience. As one of the primary songwriters in the band, Ned strives to create music rooted in rock, blues, funk, and reggae with a splash of pop sensibilities that appeal to a broad audience. With a growing passion to venture into the electronic soundscape, his bluesy vocal style and his unique approach to the guitar, Ned has been called one of the most interesting musicians in the world. Stay thirsty my friends!

Dave Olson - bass, vocals

The musical journey of Dave (aka Dr. Bass) began when he started piano lessons at the age of 5, with his mother faithfully taking him down to the church every night after school to practice on their piano. Dave continued taking classical piano lessons until high school, when he started playing in the jazz band on both keyboards and trumpet (not at the same time, however). In college, Dave bought a used electric guitar from a friend for $20 and began his work on the stringed instruments. Dave bought his first bass from a fellow graduate student in 1999, and the rest is history. Originally self-taught on the bass by playing along to some of his favorite bassists Phil Lesh and Mike Gordon, Dave has since studied under bass extraordinaire Kai Eckhardt of Garaj Mahal.

Jaime Cintado - keyboards, vocals

Jaime is a self-taught keyboard player who has been experimenting with many styles of music over the years, including funk, jazz, and good ol' fashioned rock & roll. While he's favored the classic sounds of the clavinet, electric piano, and Hammond organ over the years, he's recently developed an affinity for synthesizers and other electronic musical toys.

Mo Sardella - drums, vocals

Growing up in a rich musical environment, Mo has developed an ear for melody and harmony, and rhythm flows naturally through his veins. With a few years of formal rhythmic training in his Bay Area hometown, Mo began honing and maturing his drum techniques with various musical projects throughout high school and college. Mo's wide ranging influences include jazz improvisation, classic rock, bluegrass, funk, blues, and even classical music. Mo continues to push the boundaries of convention on the drums, and is constantly searching for deeper pockets.