Juanito Pascual
Juanito Pascual Juanito Pascual has been called "one of the hottest flamenco guitarists in recent years" by National Public Radio. Born in Minneapolis in 1973, Pascual has gradually become a new voice in this most Spanish of musical genres; his signature virtuosity and warm, evocative playing, along with his original compositional style, have won him praise and admiration around the globe. He moved to Spain after high school and lived "on the streets" in order to get to study with the flamenco masters he idolized. Now, also a graduate of New England Conservatory, he regularly tours the United States and Europe and has been featured in such venues as the Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall, Tanglewood Jazz Festival, Panama Jazz Festival and Madrid's Casa Patas. He has been heard on PRI and the BBC's The World; he also appeared in the 2009 film The Pink Panther alongside Steve Martin and Andy Garcia.

In 2009, Pascual released Language of the Heart, a CD which deeply celebrates the flamenco traditions, yet the music is simmered and caramelized by the amazing musical talents of a virtual Who's Who of some of the biggest names in flamenco, jazz and world music. That stunning release featured two of the finest new flamenco singers on the scene, Elena Andujar (who’s featured in The Devil's Advocate and Flamenco Women) and Leo Triviño, virtuoso bassist John Patitucci (who’s performed with Chick Corea, B.B. King, Joni Mitchell and Herbie Hancock), one of the foremost world music and jazz percussionists in the United States, Jamey Haddad (who’s performed with Paul Simon and Paul Winter), noted cajón player Gonzalo Grau (the Grammy®-nominated leader of "La Clave Secreta"), electric bassist Sean Kupisz (who performed with Al di Meola) Spain’s star flamenco dancer Nino de los Reyes, pianist Alex Conde Carrasco, violinist Rohan Gregory, flutist Stan Strickland and percussionist Jerry Leake.

Juanito's original music has touched audiences and musicians from across the musical spectrum. He has performed with Grammy®-winning artists including jazz pianists such as Michel Camilo and Danilo Perez, bassist John Patitucci, percussionist Jamey Haddad, renowned Middle-Eastern musician Omar Faruk Takbilek and Israeli cantor Emil Zrihan. He has worked with a long list of top flamenco musicians and dancers from Spain and the United States including Isaac and Nino de los Reyes, Raquel Heredia, Omayra Amaya, Ramon de los Reyes, Jose Greco II, Sara Erde, La Conja, Carlota Santana, La Repompa de Málaga, Inés Arrubla, Susana di Palma, Chuscales, Pedro Cortes, Roberto Catellón and Caminos Flamencos. Juanito also collaborated on the Grammy®-winning chamber opera Ainadamar by Osvoldo Golijov, which had its debut at Tanglewood in 2003 and featured soprano Dawn Upshaw.