The Paranormals
The Paranormals Birmingham bred and Nashville re-united, The Paranormals muscle their way through riff-driven rock and roll.

Fusing the sweat and grit of classic rock with the catchy hooks and infectious melodies of '90s alt-rock, The Paranormals have developed a sound that is simultaneously original and familiar without being derivative.

Though only in their mid twenties, each member of The Paranormals is already a veteran to the music scene. Guitarist Jarrod Randall, and drummer/lead vocalist David Sutton started playing music together years ago in high school. "We basically grew up together in Birmingham, and well, I kind of married his sister," says guitarist Jarrod Randall. And the band's tight-knit history translates to their sound in the studio as well as onstage.

In addition to manning the drums, David Sutton pulls double duty as the band's lead singer, adding a rare and tricky element to live shows. According to Randall, "It was challenging at first— you have to figure out how to write with that in mind. But now it just happens. Some shows, I'll turn around and [Sutton] is sweating like a pig and I just smile, thinking, 'Man you are doing all the work here.' It's a challenge to make sure the energy translates when your front man is behind the kit. But we wouldn't have it any other way."

After releasing their EP, American Spirit, in the summer of 2012, The Paranormals received considerable critical acclaim for their debut release. The lead single, "Feel So Tired," received heavy airplay on radio stations throughout the Southeast, including Nashville's own Lightning 100, and American Spirit landed the band on the Lightning 100 and The Nervous Breakdown Best Of 2012 year-end lists. In addition to the recognition of their EP, The Paranormals gained additional praise after earning second place in The Deli Nashville's Emerging Artist of 2012 poll. As of now, the band is writing and recording their way to their first full-length album.

The Paranormals voted The Lightning100 Best Of 2012.

American Spirit nominated in The Nervous Breakdown 2012 Year-End Music Awards.