Ashes Ashes is the band formerly known as Natex10. Same members. Same tunes. Different name. Natex10 will always be a part of us, but as a band, we are moving forward under the name Ashes. We hope you enjoy the music.

Coming together from vastly different musical backgrounds, each band member of Ashes adds their own flare to the group, creating a colorful musical ensemble that cannot be tagged to just one genre. Centered on the backbone of acoustic guitar, the sound builds from there with the addition of percussion, piano, cello, banjo, mandolin, and bass. The strong instrumental basis is met by a powerful lyrical collection that seeks to personally involve the feelings of the listeners. Ashes' music stems from the love of those who influence their lives every day. The music they play is affected more by the people who inspire them than the music they listen to. The band aims to create a connection with the audience and provide a live performance that begs to be experienced, not just observed.