Cadillac Flambe
Cadillac Flambe Rooted in the old Delta Blues, this band is truly unique. The music is a new twist on an old sound. All the musicians come from very diverse backgrounds. First listening to the band, the Blues influence is unmistakable. The further in the set they get, the eclectic influences really start to emerge. As far as first impressions go, they don't want any preconcieved notions of who they are. That's for you to decide. Kris Bruders plays lead guitar and sings, and also writes most of the band's original music; Havilah Bruders, Kris' wife, also sings lead vocals and plays some keyboard or organ; James "Pappy" Garrett plays the harmonica and sings as well; Mike Payne plays the impressionable drum beat; and then there's Dr. Dave Duly on the bass. Each individual brings something different to the band which makes the sound unique and unlike anything else that's being played right now. Some of the band's musical influences are the Delta Blues, Rock n Roll, old country and gospel, and folk. The music is about awakening social consciousness and keeping truth, justice, and equality alive. Not to mention, just about a really good time! They're proving that they have the power as musicians to be effective in getting a message across. It's important that listeners focus on each person and pay attention to the relationship and magic they have with each other. They are looking to inspire action, to make people aware of political issues, and to help people relate to one another through music. Cadillac Flambe... is the future of The Blues.