Gramps Morgan
Gramps Morgan From Africa to the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific too, Roy “GRAMPS” Morgan has performed for sold out stadiums around the world with his 4 siblings, the other members of the internationally renowned reggae band, Morgan Heritage.

Now after nearly three decades together, collectively solidifying fan bases in almost every continent on the planet, releasing ten albums and three DVDs, and performing for millions of people worldwide, Gramps, a burgeoning solo artist has emerged ready to take things to another level.

Currently touring with India Arie and John Legend on the Evolver Tour, Gramps Morgan remains dedicated to conscious Roots Reggae & Lovers Rock while he expands his horizons to new markets. In a time when reggae music is in a state of dejection and dancehall lyrics are redundant, Gramps Morgan proves positive music can still top the charts; and he did with WASH THE TEARS, the first single from his solo debut album, 2 Sides of My Heart Vol. 1. The single earned Gramps a #1 on Canadian Reggae and Dancehall Charts for 4 consecutive weeks on CHRY 105.5 FM. ‘Wash The Tears’ also debuted at #8 on Under Pressure’s Top 20 Singles Chart in Italy, before it began charting simultaneously in Toronto, New York and South Florida peaking in the latter two cities at the #3 & 4 spots, respectively. The video also debuted at #2 on Riddim Jamaica’s Weekly Top 12 Video Chart.

“I want to heal people through music” at the same time, “I just want to give people new music and let people know that everything is going to be alright. I want to reason with my fans and get personal with them ‘cause everyone has problems. My music is about healing, heart to heart." says Gramps.

The single was composed, written, and produced by Gramps on his Dada Son Entertainment label, a subsidiary of the Morgan family's Gedion Music Group. Likewise, the album will be released on Dada Son and the two discs, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 are intended to reveal Gramps as a multi-dimensional person and artiste. “I’m working with people that have touched my life in music.”

Although most of the album is self produced, Gramps collaborates with Kurt Riley on ‘Lonely’ and reconnects with Buju Banton on ‘Power of Prayer’ – the follow up to their smash hit ‘The 23rd Psalm’, and with Kemar “Flava” McGregor, on the second single released, ‘One in A Million’. Flava also produced Morgan Heritage’s #1 hit single, “Nothing To Smile About”. The highly anticipated solo-debut album ‘2 Sides of My Heart Vol.1’ will solidify Gramps Morgan as an artiste to be reckoned with on the world stage.

In the meantime, as CEO of Dada Son Entertainment, a full-fledged entertainment company, Gramps plans to brand the label through multimedia ventures including independent films and the Internet. In addition to his solo musical pursuits and production, Gramps also manages the company’s roster of artists.

Gramps Morgan is ready to fulfill his father’s prophecy that he and his Morgan Heritage siblings would one day, each trod on their own journey to achieve solo stardom. Now that ‘2 Sides of My Heart’ Vol.1’ hit the streets world-wide on August 4th 2009, Gramps is well on his way and promises to bring a fresh sound.