Laura Ivancie
Laura Ivancie  Laura Ivancie has been singing all of her life, even while pursuing a career as a basketball star. She followed that dream to its conclusion on a full ride scholarship through college. After graduating with a degree in Psychology, she did what anyone with a world-class voice would do; she became a Firefighter for the US Forest Service. Only after the pleas of her friends and fellow fireman became too much did she give in to her inner voice and give her gift of music to the world. Her music is a mix of many genres, including elements of folk, rock, country and soul. However, you cannot put any song into any one category, for the blend is done so tastefully that it defies all of them. Add to that, lyrics that reach inside a person and pull at your core, and you start to get a feeling for why Laura is stealing hearts all over Portland. She is able to share the darkest moments of her life and still resolve the songs in a positive light, helping the listener overcome their own pain. Besides the music, she is a genuine, caring and loving person who takes the time to meet as many fans as time allows after the show and makes eye contact with the crowd throughout. Her show really must be seen and heard to be fully appreciated. Come see for yourself. She'll get in your head, grab your heart, and fill your soul.