Amber Lee and the Anomalies
Amber Lee and the Anomalies

Amber Lee and the Anomalies is the realization of accordion-ista and songwriter Amber Lee Baker’s creative dream. She combines accordion, glockenspiel and vocals, to tell captivating stories about whaler’s wives, rural cemeteries, glowing estuaries, bumps in the road, and rodeo clowns in roadside bars. With influences ranging between Old-Time music, Gypsy tunes, and Sea Songs her sound suggests distant, dream-like memories of crossing the ocean in a wooden ship by the light of an oil lamp.

Amber Lee Baker picked up an accordion in a music shop in 2002 and instantly fell in love. A childhood of piano and voice lessons gave her a passion for music, but it was the accordion that really allowed her to find her voice. With a range of folk influences she paints fascinating stories in her well-crafted songs. As the accordion drew her deeper down the rabbit hole, she found it more satisfying than architecture, and thus many songs were born.

She is currently performing as a one-woman-show, using her accordion, glockenspiel, odd percussion instruments and a super-duper-looper.

She just completed her debut album which includes contributions from banjo player, and long time friend, Karen Frindell with her old-time-y blue-grass charm. Karen's desire to play the banjo started with a snowstorm-induced vision and she enthusiastically brought her texture and sound to Amber Lee's songs.

Other contributers include Muir Houghton on upright bass with his old-fashioned sensibilities; Jesse Wickman: drummer extraordinaire; Michael Lindner: the multi-instrumental, multi-talented recording engineer; and guest violin players Brian Carlisle, Gary Krohn and Morgan Cocheneure. Preston Booker also appears as the lonely Latin guitar on “Okay.”