Magnolia Row
Magnolia Row Magnolia Row blends the songwriting of old with a variety of rhythms using exotic hybrid bluegrass instruments. The band has become a fixture in the Boulder/Denver club scene and has featured some of the finest musicians that the area has to offer. Magnolia Row's members are all veteran performers with many combined years of experience.

Daniella Katzir is an accomplished singer-songwriter, having performed with numerous Boulder area bands, including the local favorite funk/soul project Homestyle. She was born in Israel and spent lots of time soaking up the sounds of the Middle-East. As a teenager, Daniella fell in love with the songwriting of Bob Dylan and other traditional American folk artists. This combination of influences formed the basis of Daniella's musical upbringing, and they have continued to surface in her 20 years of singing and writing. Daniella's rhythmic authority on the guitar was solidified by her years as a drummer. Her highly original playing is a blend of claw-hammer banjo and Piedmont style finger-picking, and she drives the band to new heights with each show.

Brian Adams holds down the bottom end with his solid, yet individual bass playing style. His instrument of choice is a hybrid banjo/acoustic bass, giving the band a low-end punch that you will not hear with any other band. He is a veteran festival performer with the acclaimed band Phix and he has toured and performed with the best of the best in the national jam-band circuit, including the Bill McKay band, the Higher Good and Ethereal Plane.

Paul Murin's guitar playing gives Magnolia Row its improvisational spirit. Paul began as a jazz improvisation and composition major at the University of Denver and he is now a road-tested veteran of the national festival circuit as Brian's band-mate in Phix and the Higher Good. His guitar solos are a mind-bending journey through the history of great improvisational guitar work, incorporating the influences of Trey Anastasio and Carlos Santana as well as the acoustic flat-picking genius of Doc Watson and Jerry Garcia. His horn-like lines are also a sign of where great rock 'n' roll playing will go, and his melodic bluegrass playing is unparalleled. One note from Paul can speak a thousand words, yet he can shred with the best of them. Bill Browning search for an instrument that could double as a squash racquet brought him to the mandolin. His fifteen years of experience has found him playing not only traditional bluegrass music but swing and rock and roll as well. His influences are truly too numerous to count, but among them are Sam Bush, David Grisman, Django Reinhardt and the late great father of bluegrass music, Bill Monroe. He has toured and performed in Europe and Asia, as well as the United States in bands such as Aquarian Voodoo, the Danny Shafer band, Haywire, the Pete Kartsounes Band and Backwoods Galaxy.