Anvil The story of ANVIL goes back to the early roots of Heavy Metal. ANVIL was a true pioneer of this genre of music beginning their career in the late 70’s. They began recording albums in 1981 with their debut album called Hard and Heavy. It was well received in England where they ended up playing some of the worlds most revered rock festivals, The Monsters of Rock and Reading Festivals. The band recorded two albums with producer Chris Tsangarides called Metal on Metal and Forged in Fire, which remain as classic albums to this day. The band went on to tour with Motorhead in the United Kingdom. ANVIL also played in Japan as a headliner in 1983 and then on a massive festival circuit with Michael Shenker Group, Scorpions, Whitesnake and Bon Jovi in 1984 at the Super Rock festival series. This was the first festivals of this type ever held in Japan. ANVIL has continued working very hard producing albums on a regular basis and has never given up their dream. They have recorded 13 studio albums to date and are currently looking for distribution for the newest cd appropriately titled This is Thirteen. The album was recorded in England with producer Chris Tsangarides and truly ventures back with a vengeance to the classic ANVIL sound. In recent years ANVIL has been fortunate enough to get evolved with a very special friend Sacha Gervasi who is currently directing and executively producing a docudrama about the bands real life history in real time. There is incredible footage of actual experiences touring and recording in the past 2 years. Sacha is known for his great work with Steven Spielberg on the movie Terminal, staring Tom Hanks. The ANVIL movie debuted at the prestigious Sundance Festival in January 2008. People love this band when they learn about their incredible tenacity and dedication to their music. It comes out in the live performance so intensely it is a truly overwhelming experience. Something not to be overlooked or missed.