Shepton Mallet
Shepton Mallet Okay, so Shepton Mallet was started by me and my friend autin around a year ago but we haven't been making much progress. We've made some though. Last year we played at our talent show which was fun to do but we felt we needed to become more productive. Our singer Jeremy and ex-drummer travis had some "creative differences" which slowed our productivity. And calling eachother faggots between songs didn't help either. I told Jeremy if he found a better drummer we would of course take him. After no luck, jeremy compromised his dysfunctional attitude towards travis. But after some heavy flaking by Travis, Jeremy "Couldn't take this shit anymore". He began trying to find a drummer again early this year. One day he told me he had found one. "Alex Brufladt is an insane drummer" so said the majority of Arcade and when I finally had gotten the chance to hear him, everybody was right, he kicks some major ass. Me and Austin both agreed he could join. We practiced for a few months and then played in the talent show this year. we were also lucky to find a band artist, DJ Cooper. A prodigy man, some of his stuff blew the shit out of my head. Recently we've gone through another change. Jeremy was removed because of, creative differences. It was hard thing to do, and I hoped he'd understand. Thankfully he did. Then we got Dani Britschgi who has an incredible voice, and we are so happy we got her. We reacently kicked out dani because she just wasnt our style. She understood.WE NEED A NEW SINGER SO IF YOU ARE A GOOD HEAVY METAL TYPE SINGER PLEASE LET US KNOW!!!. Look for us playin gigs in november and December. Later DUDE!!!