Syrup Based out of Southern California, this Instrumental Funk band will deliver just that....Heavy Funk. Only together for a few months, SYRUP has begun to make waves locally as they plan on introducing a sound like no other band has in San Diego County. The band was formed when former bass playe(Jeff Williamson) of Fat Beat Squad and 3 Against 1 decided to reunite the old band. Bringing along drummer(Saul Ashley) of Fat Beat Squad, 3 Against 1 and d*fRost completed the rhythm section. Adding a guitar player(Jeff Spiegle) that could not only play rhythm guitar but could also wail over solo changes was the second task and lastly, bringing back the powerful three-piece horn section from Fat Beat Squad(Jeff Dresser,Tom Dresser & Chris Nolf). What you end up with is the funkiest 6 piece band in San Diego County. Since getting together SYRUP has already added two more members to the band, thus making SYRUP a powerful 8 piece. Trombone player(Carly Imes) has joined the horn section and Keyboardist(Scott Fels) of Freshly Squeezed has filled in gaps with his keyboards, completing the SYRUP sound. All members of SYRUP have played together in previous bands and share the experience of performing onstage. It has been almost 5 years since they have been onstage together but it appears as if they have never left the scene. It is time to bring back the Funk and that is what SYRUP plans on doing!..............SYRUP; We're your Momma's favorite funk band!