Barefoot Fred
Barefoot Fred Barefoot Fred is a unique blend of bluegrass, jazz, funk and good 'ol rock and roll. The band hails from the Chicagoland area and was started in early 2009, but over the years they have truly transformed, both in musicianship and in the lineup itself. Consisting of Ryan Stevens (guitar, vocals), T.J. Fick (electric mandolin, vocals), Mike Needham (bass, vocals) and Steve Nordin (drums, percussion), the quartet continues to experiment with their progressive sound, broadening the limits of rock based music. They continue to play shows throughout the Midwest, performing at festivals such as Summer Camp, Tall Tree Lake, and an ongoing list of micro fests. (Two former members, Shane LaVigne and Kevin Cisner have partnered up to host the annual Whippersnap Music & Arts Festival.)

The band's chemistry, creativity, and passion is the driving force behind their original sound and ever expanding desire for growth. Their shows are brimming with the energy and power that inspires their audience to get moving on the dance floor, while acknowledging the delicate musical interaction taking place.

Always ready to unleash their technical precision and instinctive soul to new listeners, expect to see Barefoot Fred in a town near you!