Kristi Bride and the Light
Kristi Bride and the Light At the age of two and a half at her grandmothers house Kristi suddenly burst into an original song, "Too Many Moons in the Sky". That may have been the first time she spontaneously burst into song but it sure was not the last...

Kristi is a singer who taps into the human consciousness on both an intimate and a global level. Whether it's through her hypnotic angelic vocals or a piercing dissonant plea she often brings fresh insight into the interactions of people, nature, and spirit by singing about topics often overlooked. Transcending mass media and societal norms/views that, in her opinion, are no longer valid in the new millennium is a common theme in her music.

"Blossoms in Sweet Air" is Kristi Bride and The Light's debut LP, released in the fall of 2011. On it she blends the essence of living fearlessly with a passionate revelry for life and channels it into a melange of musical styles that create a sound distinctly their own. Each song, like a garden of wildflowers, gives you something musically interesting to explore. To compliment Kristi's ethereal vocals and mystical guitar riffs, she brings in The Light:

Kenny Roberts (Freaky Executives) and Caitlin Moss (The Uplifters) both provide steady yet mind bending percussion. Lon Miller adds his psychedelic jazz bass and dreamy keys to the mix while Jared Barkan brings a beautiful moody lead guitar to "Reverb from 40,000,000 Miles Away" and an ukelele solo to "The Deep Blue" that can only be describe as bewildering. The americana slide guitar on "Soul Beautiful" by Christopher Hawley (The Christopher Hawley Rollers) reminds you of the "Whiskey star gazing" Kristi so eloquently sings about.

From the heartfelt meditative song "Just Me and You" about religious wars and food monopoly to the love soaked micronotes of "The Deep Blue" to the fiery belting defiance of "Unsolicited Advice" to the soothing celestial "Profound Peace", this is a woman who has been places that you want to go. And Miss Bride takes you there in her stunningly unique way. As she so mesmerizingly sings at the end of "The Deep Blue", "Oh glorious life!" Yes, in the world of Kristi Bride and the Light, it truly is!

You can catch Kristi Bride and the Light performing frequently in the Los Angeles area from the infamous venues on the Sunset Strip to Santa Monica's finest establishments to the laid back clubs of Hermosa Beach. She also has performed at West Hollywood's Grammy Night Ladies of Rock filmed by E Entertainment, The Topanga Canyon Earth Day Festival, and The Rock the Future Off the Grid Festival in Eugene Oregon. But you really never really know where Kristi and the Light might show up these days... a bluff next to a rose garden overlooking the Pacific at sunset, a shoreline amphitheater in New Zealand, or you might just hear her music waking you from a bad dream amidst urban sprawl...

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