The Big Pink
The Big Pink "Anyone can build a wall of sound, but only a special class of shoegazer can make the layers of fuzz and distortion coalesce into a real song. On their debut LP, London duo The Big Pink... nail the balance between gloomy, monolithic drone and songcraft." Rolling Stone

The Big Pink is the core duo of Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell, bolstered live by bassist Leopold Ross and drummer Akiko Matsuura. The group has been on the road steadily in celebration of A Brief History Of Love, their debut full-length, which is out now on 4AD. They played some high profile dates in Europe supporting Muse, and are riding high just after finishing up their first proper U.S. headlining tour (which included multiple sold-out shows on both coasts and places in between)!

More praise for The Big Pink and A Brief History Of Love

"...the only roots to be found on this debut are fuzzed-out greats like Spiritualized and My Bloody Valentine. This electro-rock duo makes its forbearers proud, enveloping ambling meditations on romance in magnificent, wafting walls of sound" Nylon

"As you can guess from that score up there, A Brief History of Love is way better than it needed to be, a bracing and beat-driven debut..." Pitchfork {8.2}

"Like Einst├╝rzende Neubauten if they really wanted to get on the radio to impress a girl instead of confuse and scare people." The Fader