Katzenjammer Presenting: the queens of sultry sound, sisters of mercy, saints of scarred souls, society's hangover and Calamity Jane's bachelorette party. The eminent, prominent and decadent ladies of our time: Katzenjammer!

Drink, dear rebels and drink again. Katzenjammers's musical underground cultus is conjured up through instruments like the accordian, mandolin, guitar, piano, balaika bass, xylophone, trumpet, kazoo, melodica, drums and banjo just to name a few- all played with fire in the belly, fever in the fingers, heart and throat. And then there are voices. The voices, my dear friends, are the brushstrokes on the night sky where you dance your wildest dance in your fanciest clothes. Katzenjammer drives clichés so hard into your guts that they shrivel, twist, and lay a foundation for new generations with a taste for the old. Our blissful mistresses are self-taught on most of the formentioned instruments. The animal tamed by its trainer will eventually know every nook and cranny of its cage, and eventually become calm. Katzenjammer recently arrived at their cage and are rattling about in a fruitful, creative ruckus. The animal tamer takes two steps back. These powerful maidens have been playing songs composed by fellow companion Mats Rybø in addition to their own, and a few co-written compositions.