Tent City
Tent City Tent City is Athens Georgia's newest explosion of music, blending four high-energy musicians into one unique cocktail of sound. Fusing styles such as blues, funk, jazz, and soul, the band delivers a killer performance each and every night. Crowds can expect sets fi lled with unique originals and rearrangments of deep cut classics. Tent City also prides itself with a cutting edge light show served up like a visual feast accompaning the band's performance.

Greg Kearney, 27, grew up in Statesboro, GA, where he picked up his fi rst guitar at age 12. A cheap 6 string Christmas present from Mom and Dad turned into a lifelong passion for Greg, as he began to develop his own style of both straight picking and hypnotic slide guitar. Kearney is now the driving force behind Tent City. He's constantly pursuing the spontaneous soul of music, and free form construction perfected by older jazz and blues legends. He transfers his own personal emotions and soul into each note he plays. Greg has played in bands such as Statesboro's The Sophisticates and Athens' Splinterbelly.

Scott Underwood, 21, also grew up in Statesboro, where he picked up his fi rst set of drumsticks his senior year in high school. Seeing his passion for percussion, his friends all chipped in and bought Scott his fi rst drum set. A couple of kits later, Scott grew his musical wings keeping beats for Klaus and the B-Squad, Major Minor, and Peanut Butter Pudding Surprise. He has recently moved to Athens and Tent City is his fi rst local project. Scott is also one of the co-founders of South Georgia's SheddFest, a multi-day outdoor concert bene fi ting cancer research.

Greg Cooler, 22, went to high school and then attended college with Underwood at Georgia Southern University. Cooler has made a name for himself as a talented deep pocket bass player, and has teamed up with both Underwood and Kearney in several different incarnations. Cooler's steady riffs help form the backbone of Tent City

Quinton "Q" Perkins, 29, played with Kearney early on in The Sophisticates. Q has played piano in churches for over 20 years. He has toured Italy with gospel groups and is a member of the Church of the Sacred Steel. Q's melodic piano playing adds emotion and soul to Tent City's original songs, elevating them to new heights. Q recently sat in with The Lee Boy's at 2009's MuleFest in Athens, Georgia.