The Janks
The Janks THE JANKS are a multi-talented musical force from Southern California with a modern innovative and highly original sound. The band has organic and infectiously catchy songs that are quickly gaining national attention. Their unique and modern sound is inspired by a wide variety of musical influences including folk, jazz, classical, blues rock and pop. The Janks have a penchant for telling tall tales in varying proportions of folk sincerity and unbridled guitargasm. They are dynamic melody makers experimenting with some heartfelt words, a loose canon and a few ideas that slipped out of Tom Waits' hat after attending a Radiohead concert. The band's frontman Zack Zmed, born and bred on the music of Led Zeppelin and Jeff Buckley, has developed a signature voice. He crafts lyrics and songs with respect to heroes like McCartney, Dylan and Leonard Cohen, yet sings with the power and range of Robert Plant and Freddy Mercury. Garth Herberg doubles on guitar and trades off at the keyboard with Zack mixing up the band's instrumentation with vintage classics like the Fender Rhodes & Wurlitzer stage pianos. A songwriter and composer of his own accord, Garth has melded classical tinkerings, without neglecting his roots in the fiery realm of guitar. Wade Ryff, the bassist and newest member of the band rounds out the line up with his groovy style quirky stage presence. Wade is a brilliant musician and adds yet another element to the bands depth. The Janks are an inimitable find on the contemporary music scene.