The Aaron Williams Band
The Aaron Williams Band The Aaron Williams Band has been a significant addition to the Mid-West's music scene since their 2008 album release of "The Everwinding Road". The album's soulful lyrics, catchy melody and eclectic instrumental energy has catapulted the band's recognition and captured a larger audience. In less than a year, the band has developed an impressive fan base stretching through five states. With a "Do-It-Yourself" philosophy and a hard work ethic, the four member of The Aaron Williams Band are determined to bring their music to as many ears as possible. The band has not only performed for thousands of music lovers through the mid-west, but maintained their enthusiasm through high energy performance and diligent efforts promote. The band is extremely thrilled by the passionate responses and support to their music. Now they are trying to get hundreds of fans to their big Q101 show on Nov 20th with Breakers Broken and Micah Walk Band in Chicago at The LaSalle Power Co. Come check out great Chicago music!