Women's Downhill
Women's Downhill Women's Downhill formed in March 2009, and finds Jordan Wilkow (lead singer, keyboardist, and composer for Chicago's Family Groove Company) in a duo with FGC drummer Mattias Blanck. The band intends to explore jazz, pop/rock, and blues sensibilities in a small combo format, with Wilkow playing keyboard bass in addition to piano, organ and vocals.

"I'm really excited to see how this develops," says Wilkow. "Right now, we just intend to be as open to new ideas as possible. I could listen to jazz organ masters all day, so there will definitely be some of that aesthetic present. But I love Elton John and Billy Joel too, and there are times when I can't get that White Stripes/Doorbell song out of my head, so it's become a real curious collection of ideas, and we're finding all kinds of unlikely common threads."

Jordan and Mattias met in California in 2000 when they were both students at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.