Lunar Funk Theory
Lunar Funk Theory Playing in the local and mid-western regional scene for over 7 years, Lunar Funk has built a tour-de-force live show with an even more powerful community of fans and music festival family. Fret-wanking jam guitar solos, heavy hitting rock break downs, dirty funk synths, blistering jazz technicality, psychedelic sound-effects, and hip-hop interludes permeate Lunar Funk Theory's grooves like the moon's light twisting through the trees in the night sky. No two performances are ever alike, and no two feet are left unmoved in the crowd.

You can sense their strong connection with each other when you hear the ever elastic but cohesive jams as they speak independently through their instruments. LFT's loving atmosphere and uplifting lyrics bring a great mix of friends, fans, and family together to celebrate the long strange trip that is the journey of life. Lunar Funk Theory has been making its presence strongly known throughout the Midwest region by touring regularly while making a home among the multitude of festivals the Midwest has to offer. Recently, Lunar Funk has gained national attention by being featured in Relix Magazine in the Up and Coming Section as they continue to reinvent themselves. Their dedication, and continual evolution has earned the respect of many regional fans, and musicians, promoters. What is truly magical is their down to earth and everyday people demeanor that gives a sense of compassion and humanness to any LFT encounter. Did we mention they have a space ship?