Theryl "Houseman" de Clouet
Theryl "If you've ever seen Galactic then you've heard the sweet soul music of The Houseman, Theryl deClouet. Straight out of Hollygrove, from back-town New Orleans, the last great soul voice of the proud New Orleans tradition does it on his own, and in the process shows us how it was, how it is and how it's gonna be." - Adam Duritz, Counting Crows

Theryl de'Clouet, known to his friends and fans as "Houseman" has successfully become one of Hollygrove's more famous offspring along with L'il Wayne, Johnny Adams, the Neville Brothers, and many more. Houseman grew up with the love of music instilled in him by his mother who brought the local sounds of Isadore "Tuts" Washington and Professor Longhair into their home. As a consequence of his mother's enthusiasm for music, the house was always filled with the sounds of the greats:

"My mother would call my brothers and sisters into the room where we would sit and listen while she played her 45's, teaching us her favorites in blues and soul music from Nat King Cole to Ray Charles to Sam Cooke and Johnny Addams and B.B. King."

Eventually Houseman founded his own a cappella soul group known as The Lyrics. For more than 12 years, The Lyrics toured the country and subsequently changed their name to Hollygrove. In 1982 they recorded an album, New Orleans Best Kept Secret, wwith the support of the The Manhattans and Allan Felder. Soon after this recording the group dissolved for personal reasons. They continued to write and produce songs, including There's Something Wrong With This Picture, which can be found on the 1996 release of Coolin' Off, the first record Houseman recorded with his next group Galactic. As of today, the members of Hollygrove remain close friends.

In the mid-90's Houseman became the front man for Galactic, bringing his stellar mix of New Orleans funk and soul to a group of young, talented guys who met on the New Orleans music scene having attended both Tulane and Loyola Universities. Houseman was no stranger to the music scene and with the band behind him it became his next and most successful musical endeavor thus far. Galactic's popularity grew steadily for the next decade and the group released six albums together. There is never any question that Houseman knows how to welcome a crowd and put on a show! While continuously touring the states, Japan and much of Europe, he's made friends and fans that will last a lifetime.

The time came when it made sense for Houseman and Galactic go their separate ways. Houseman has since released his second solo album, The Truth is Out, recorded in New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina, Houseman collaborated with Jesse Johnson, former lead guitarist and principle writer for The Time and also one of the main cog's with Prince. This collaboration resulted in some of Houseman's most exciting material and will be the first single from his third solo album to be released on itunes.

Another talent had been emerging and it was only recently that his acting skills were reawakened and encouraged. Back in 1998, Houseman was asked to appear in a short film, Mutiny, directed by Henry Griffin. That bit part was just the taste he needed to know this was a passion he would want to pursue in the future. Houseman reconnected with Henry, auditioned for a couple of movies and then appeared as the judge in the 2005 release of The Dukes of Hazzard. There is no question that more acting is in the cards for Houseman.