UZO As a trio, UZO made its mark under the moniker “Uncle Otter” for the first ten years of their existence. Original band members, Brendan Patti (Bass), Tom Patti (Guitar) and Adam Nicodemus (Drums), added Mike Pappas (keyboards) as a permanent fixture to the lineup in 2008 prompting the name change. Uncle Otter is well known for their explosive high-energy live shows. Leaving audiences floored by their performance and craving for more. Combining Funk, Jazz and Heavy Fusion influences, their instrumental mind-bending compositions take you on a musical rollercoaster that leave you asking your psychiatrist for more Prozac. Uncle Otter has shared the stage with many bands such as: The Disco Biscuits, American Babies, Viperhouse, RAQ, Project Object, Brothers Past, The Codetalkers, Juggling Suns, Smoking Grass, Jazzam and many more. Press: review of “Some Kind of Jam 3” April 25th 2008 by V.J. Cuneo, Uncle Otter 3-4:20am: “I've never seen these Pennsylvania natives, but they gave everyone exactly what they were looking for. Uncle Otter blended their distinct knowledge of jazz and funk into an experimental fun atmosphere for listening. Brendan Patti (bass), Tom Patti (guitar), Adam Nicodemus (drums), and Mike Pappas (keys). Adam opened the set with a head-bobbing groove on the drums. Then Brendan brought in the funky low end on the bass, followed by Tom's face-melting licks up and down the neck of his guitar. Mike P added beautiful tone to the mix with his jazzy work on the keys. Any fan of funk or jazz would be crazy not to love this band conversing through their instruments. It was a shame most people fell asleep before the start of this mind-boggling high energy late night set. The few late nighters did not regret going without sleep that night. You can guarantee that.” Please visit: Discography: As “Uncle Otter” 1999- John’s Garage 2003- The Return 2000- Catawampus 2005- Ionic Debris As “UZO” 2009- EP To book UZO contact: Tom Patti’s Otter Den