The Dash
The Dash As one of New York's newest rock sensations, The Dash have quickly become a fixture on the lower Manhattan music scene. Their eclectic blend of British and Southern rock, folk music and indie makes for a fresh sound that will leave you humming for days. For these five young men, the essence of The Dash is the "song" - something you can move to. Something you can sing to. Something you'll always remember.

The Dash consists of five passionate and distinct personalities, each who bring their own flavor to the band. Lead vocalist Justin Ettinger, a native of Winston-Salem, NC, has been belting tunes in a soulful manner since the age of 13. It is often said that his main goal in life is to grow a beard that puts Chris Robinson's to shame.

At the heart of The Dash's sound is Queens native and lead guitarist Nick Fokas. An encyclopedic music historian, Nick's gritty solos are a testament to the days when rock n' roll was true. Playing alongside him is rhythm guitarist Peter Bourquin, a native of Connecticut and the only known man in the western hemisphere to have made a Stratocaster purr like a kitten.

On bass is the effervescent Billy Magnussen, a supremely multi-talented performer from Georgia with multiple feature film and television credits to his name. Holding everything together is drummer Alex Pappas, a native of Long Island collectively known as "the doctor" for his precision percussion.

The Dash have quickly made a name for themselves through their entertaining music and energetic live performances. Stop by and enjoy one of their shows. You will not be disappointed.