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Described by the Miami New Times as "the tastiest bitter-sweet candy for fans of wall-flower angst electropop," Minimal brings an eclectic and versatile mix of indie and alternative rock with electronic flirtations embodied in drum machines, sequencers and samplers. Identified as "Latin-rock hometown heroes" by, Minimal combines these eclectic elements to create an energetic and vigorous live performance, which has enabled them to perform along Grammy winners and internationally known artists such as Aterciopelados, Volumen Cero, Yerbabuena, and Libido.

In 2006, Minimal released their first LP titled Fotos, Cartas Y un Puñal, under the record label Fabrika Music. That same year, the band was voted "best new band" by web visitors of, a source for Latin music and entertainment and a leading media and content company reaching U.S. Hispanics. Minimal also traveled to New York in 2006 to participate in the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) where it presented its album in a series of concerts. While the first single, El Cubo aired on alternative radio stations across the U.S., the video for the single – directed by Vlo Erminy – received airplay on MTV3 as well as other alternative video television shows around the country.

In 2007, Minimal made a guest appearance on Nitido, a television program that is part of the second-largest, U.S. Hispanic network, Telemundo. The band's second single, No Sonar, circulated on Fuel TV's Adrenalina TV. The video for this song (directed by Jose Luis Amador) was later released via Minimal's MySpace profile, generating great interest from the public and landing No Sonar a spot on the featured music video section in MySpace Latino in April 2008.

Minimal will release its second production, titled Hermoso Caos, in February 2009, promising a new era in the band's music and image. "We are very excited about the band's new path, and we are eager to release the new material, which I'm sure will take many by surprise," said vocalist Gabriel Ayala. Along with the release of Hermoso Caos, Minimal recorded a video for Satelite, the project's first single, under the direction of Jose Luis Amador. The release of Hermoso Caos will be accompanied by four videos of the band performing live at Miami's renowned Audivision Studio. These performances will be released through the band's YouTube and MySpace music channels throughout the month of April 2009.

About Hermoso Caos

Answering a call from the cosmos, Minimal launches its second studio production. Continuing the group's traditional use of rock and pop melodies with electronic flirtations, the band's sound continues to evolve toward more dynamic structures, harmonies and chord progressions. Hermoso Caos, the follow-up to the band's 2006 production of Fotos Cartas y un Puñal, embodies the versatile and energetic sound that the band has developed in recent years.

While the sound of Fotos, Cartas y un Puñal was carefully crafted around melancholic transitions and experimental backdrops, Minimal made radical changes in the recording process as well as to its sound in Hermoso Caos. "We wanted to portray a sound that was more representative of our live performance," explains the band's singer and guitarist Gabriel Ayala. "I am sure that the new sound will surprise many. We did things that we had never tried before, from building an entire song in the studio to recording sequences and patterns in real time. We had the freedom to propose and perform our own vision. That feeling spread through the studio sessions, and a great deal of energy flowed." This resulted in a penetrating sound where the drum loops guide the drums and bass and where the guitars are able to freely float away from the mechanics imposed by the machines.

Hermoso Caos showcases Minimal's musical evolution. Conceptually, the band's lyrics and melodic intensions remain loyal to traditional artistic trends. Influences, ranging from Café Tacuba, Radiohead and the Flaming Lips, are recognizable in Hermoso Caos and in Minimal's previous projects. The band, wisely integrates these trends with their own vision and experience in a vibrant and original music collision where order and chaos comfortably co-habit with one and other.

Gabriel Ayala on guitar and vocals; Roberto Taninaka on guitar, sequencers, and samplers; Emilio Sandoval on bass guitar; Alejandro Angee on drums; and Jose Luis Amador on acoustic guitar, charango, and samplers.

Fotos, Cartas y un Punal (Lp) - 2006
-El Cubo (single) - 2006
-No Sonar (single) - 2006
Hermoso Caos (EP) - 2008
-Satelite (single) - 2008