Warsaw Poland Bros
Warsaw Poland Bros Warsaw Poland Bros. have played everywhere, with everyone in most of North America and Hawaii. They've released four nationally distributed cd's fueled by their own indie start up label Invisible Mass Records. Their love for live performance and touring has kept them on the road for over eight years. Jumping from town to town, night after night, their hooby-job-lifestyle has been their soul, mantra and reason to share their music. To call this band the hardest working band in the business would be a drastic understatement. With over 300 shows a year, multiple gigs a day and merely days off in between they are true road dogs. They have gone through many changes since the original lineup, but they've never slowed down. Warsaw is the ultimate definition of the DIY attitude, taking everything in-house from booking to engineering and producing their music. The Brothers and Sista have collaborated with people all over the world and recording in every setting imaginable, from a backstage green room to the Warsaw 1 (Warsaw's van). Warsaw fuels the Invisible Mass label. With their dedicated street team, their unmatchable live show and talent, Warsaw is a testament to an unmatchable DIY lifestyle. Warsaw also offers assistance in the areas of booking, pre and post production, street team, and brings the best party to your town!