Moderat Modeselektor and Apparat first worked together as Moderat on an EP for BPitch Control in 2002. It proved to be an exhausting effort and they shelved the prospect of future recordings until years later. A short time after recording the Moderat EP, both Modeselektor and Apparat simultaneously worked on their own full-length albums -- Modeselektor’s debut, Hello Mom!, and Apparat’s collaboration with Ellen Allien, Orchestra of Bubbles. Each went on to become successful releases and were followed by two career-defining albums for the individual acts. Apparat recorded and toured in support of his stargazing, dream-pop album, Walls, in 2007. And Modeselektor’s sophomore album in 2007, Happy Birthday!, broke ground in German music history as they collaborated with musicians including Puppetmastaz, Maximo Park and Thom Yorke. Amongst a slew of remixes for the likes of Thom Yorke and Björk, Modeselektor also went on to tour with Radiohead across Japan in 2008.

"This is the expected triumph from the talents involved." [4 out of 5 stars] -- Noah Levine, Remix

"Rekindled after a false start in 2002, the Moderat project brings together two of Germany’s most talented sound architects: Modeselektor and Apparat. And much like chocolate and peanut butter before it, it is a rich and sensual pairing that should be enjoyed by many. . . This is heady material, but it’s also extremely beautiful and catchy, and picks up right where each of their respective solo careers left off." -- Richard Thomas, Urb

"Moderat finds its constituent parts striking a balance between their respective areas of expertise, but more importantly, Moderat’s songs occupy new ground—a territory where the spacious warmth of ambient music and the claustrophobic chill that typifies dubstep can live in harmony." -- Chris Martins, The Onion's A.V. Club