Trevor Exter
Trevor Exter Trevor Exter, voice and cello

Trevor Exter was born in Ithaca, NY. He always played different things but kept coming back to the cello. He sits with the cello and sings, but he plays it weird – like a tiny bass or aquatic guitar. He also hits it sometimes. He’s been a sideman with many artists around NYC, and he almost won “NYC Soundtracks” in 2008, which is sort of like American Idol for buskers in the New York Subway (but cooler).

“Finger-picking and generally slapping around a beat-up cello, Trevor Exter makes music that is both seriously unusual and thoroughly, pleasingly accessible.” Fingertips Music

“Singer and unconventional cellist Trevor Exter plucks and whacks at his big instrument and guides it through multiple climaxes.” Time Out New York