Spy the Thinker
Spy the Thinker Things are never what they seem to be.. The indie rock band "Spy The Thinker" dares you to think otherwise.. This eclectic band breaks the barrier of what is typically known as the music genre. Spy the Thinker thrives on being independent, and strives on writing music that is energetically dependent. "The music is written to move you... "We refuse to have it any other way" stated, Matthew, The lead singer and lyricist of the band. "We write songs about how life changes you and how you can change your life."

A trio that is rising up through the ashes of the post rock era. Their sound resembles early Red Hot Chilli Peppers with the grittiness of Radiohead. The music has moments of calmness that explodes into a wide groove symphony of bass and drums. Incorporated with a loose wrist guitar style that reminds you of Jimmy Page if he decided to take up surfing and Marshall amps. The vocals cut through with clarity and a syncopated bath of melody and texture. The music is always moving and energetic.. imagine a sound where you can dance to the music, yet at the same time lose yourself within a complex web of lyrics that speak about who you are within this consciousness of perception created by a society of thinkers. "We work hard on the live sound" says, Jayme the drummer. "We feed on the audience's response and give it back to them tenfold."

Their debut album "Ruby Kill Club" is a true back-to-the-roots indie rock album.. Named after a childhood street where the members of the band grew up. They sought out to write an album that was all about the true essence of music. "Ruby Kill Club" is a combination of what people find fascinating with simplicity, churned together with the most complex patterns of one's thought process. "The message behind this album is one that you will keep in the back of your mind forever" added Fatal the bass player. "it's all within the lyrics and music, keep your ears and minds open.. remember nothing is what it seems"