The Mojo Navigators
The Mojo Navigators                         SAFE AT ANCHOR IN THE 1960's

The MOJO NAVIGATORS are a 60's psychedelic folk rock band headquartered in the mountains of Santa Cruz. Equally at home with acoustic and electric instrumentation, their music is a unique blending of visionary psychedelic lyricism with the imagery and spirit of American roots music.

The music of The MOJO NAVIGATORS covers the broad range of Americana: old-time country, rhythm and blues, delta blues, gospel, Appalachian ballads: a synthesis and a contemporary interpretation of the musical heritage of the people of the British Isles and their descendents in the rural subcultures of the American South.

The band began as a folk-rock project initiated by Page Brownton to explore the melodic potential of his large and varied repertoire of traditional folk music. The MOJO NAVIGATORS perform Page's original songs, as well as rock classics with stylistic links to The Grateful Dead, The Jefferson Airplane and The Byrds.

Band Members

Page Brownton (lead vocals & rhythm guitar)

Al Astrella (lead guitar)

David Paul Campbell (guitar, mandolin, harmonica, keyboards)

Danny Paow (bass)