Tommy Guerrero
Tommy Guerrero tg is old.

he likes to play music anywhere anytime.

he wishes he could still skate but his limbs are a mutinous he

pushes to the beer store.

by day [ partial ] he sits in front of a monitor [at deluxe ] and makes

sense of gonz's artwork and puts it on skateboards for krooked.


by eve/night he tries to write/play/record/ music. [ artcorn ]

he likes to use glue stick and kindergartners.

he likes wood boxes.

his son diego is 5 and rules.and is smarter.

his knees hurt as he's typing this.

he needs a beer. [ but it's too early. ]

he does lots of things.none worth mentioning but some people think

so.dumb and dumber.

he googles himself daily.

he has too many records and t shirts.most are in storage.oh and


he likes bill withers and coltrane.

he likes joseph cornell and rupert garcia.

he needs to stop typing and get to work.