The Corduroy Road
The Corduroy Road The Corduroy Road is an Americana band from Athens, GA. "Fans of anything from country to bluegrass to folk rock will especially enjoy The Corduroy Road's notoriously lively shows." says Flagpole Magazine.

Comprised of Drew Carman (vocals, banjo, guitar, harmonica), Elijah NeeSmith (vocals, bass), Matt Dyson (banjo, guitar), Garrett Chism (drums), and Russell McCumber (fiddle) the band has been touring in some form since 2006. In November of 2008, The Corduroy Road entered the studio of local legend John Keane (Widespread Panic, REM, BR549, Uncle Tupelo) to record their debut LP, Love Is a War, released in Summer 2009. After an exciting and fruitful year, the band release Live at the 40Watt in 2010 as their first live album. It captured the raw live energy that the band has become known for. Soon thereafter, the band decided to take a hiatus from touring in late 2010 and went through a few line-up changes.

With these changes came the material that is embodied in their latest release: Two Step Silhouette (June 2012). The band's lead singer, Drew Carman, calls it "The most genuine album we've ever done to date. It has only the instrumentation that we tour with; the instruments we can fit in the van and play to people in a live setting. It also expresses songs that came from collaboration, input and teaching from every member of the band to one another. The songs were molded together by the whole, rather than just guided by individual songwriter."

:: Previous Praise ::
"An aggressive touring schedule, emotive songwriting, and the band's commitment to performing down home, honest music has established The Corduroy Road as a buzzworthy band on the indie roots rock scene." -Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine

"The Corduroy Road captures early American folk music, while being known for its almost punk rock energy-driven live shows." -Southeast Performer