John Cowan

  • 04/26/2007 Watson MerleFest, NC
    04/26/2007 Watson MerleFest, NC
    Track Listing: My Time In The Desert, Maggie Little, Tomorrow Morning, Safe Within Your Arms, In Bristol Town One Bright Day, Tillery Cove, Black Blizzard, King Of California, St. Anne's Reel, Jesus Gave Me Water
  • 04/29/2006 Watson Stage MerleFest, NC
    04/29/2006 Watson Stage MerleFest, NC
    Track Listing: In Bristol Town, Tillery Cove, St. Anne's Reel, In My Father's Field, 6 Red Birds In A Joshua Tree, Carlas' Got A New Tattoo
  • Allways Take Me Back
    Allways Take Me Back
    Cowan's formidable voice has always been bigger than bluegrass, and on Always Take Me Back he leaves no doubt that his roots are as firmly planted in rock dramatics as in the string music of his Kentucky upraising.