Hor!zen The band was founded by Nasur and Zech Wolfgramm and has been playing since 2003. They call their music "dirty south dub rock". It's reggae music with a hip hop backbone. The brothers grew up husslin' the OBT and the majority of the music centers around street life and their love of reggae music. The band has toured in California and everywhere in between. Their latest album is called "Bottom Out EP" and was produced by Grammy winner James Wisner last summer. He is a producer for slightly stoopid, Ludacris, Usher, Shakira and many others and won a Grammy for Jenifer Hudson’s album of American idol and academy award winner for the Dreamgirls. Their debut album is called Past Due and is on iTunes and numerous record stores in Orlando. The band is signed to Anchorage Records out of Casselberry, FL.

The band is owned and copyrighted as HOR!ZEN INC. It is owned by Zech and Nasur Wolfgramm. All music and lyrics are originals and owned by that stated above.