One Night of Queen
One Night of Queen One Night of Queen is a touring two-hour stage show, paying tribute to the stage theatrics and music of Queen. It is performed by Gary Mullen and The Works, a five piece band headed by Stars in Their Eyes winner and Freddie Mercury sound-alike Gary Mullen on vocals, with Davie Brockett on Guitar, Jonathan Evans on drums, Billy Moffat on bass and Malcolm Gentle on keyboards. After winning Stars In Their Eyes 2000 by receiving a record breaking number of votes for the show, Mullen began touring with his band The Works, putting on a sell-out tribute act known as One Night Of Queen. The show takes references from many 1980s Queen tours, using a modified custom built lighting rig, made to emulate the lighting rigs used during several Queen tours between 1980 and 1986. Mullen and The Works have taken their tribute show on numerous tours across Europe, New Zealand and the US